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New story

September 28, 2012
Posted at 9:40 am

Wilhan Dragonslayer will be up before tomorrow morning if the computer gods smile upon me.

It is the straight forward story about the life of a viking-type warrior who is led to greatness by circumstances both good and bad. Those guys didn't have magic swords even though they all thought that they did, so I gave this one a real magic sword.

The only thing that doesn't have a basis in history is the magic of the sword, even the structure of the sword (a ring-hilt spatha) is real. The "Dragon" is based on a giant pangolin.

This story is influenced by protogermanic, germanic (Roman Era,) and viking era culture and customs. I didn't try to sugar coat anything, so our hero is a man of his time and place. I took some of the weird sex ideas (belief in semen power) from New Guinea homosexual ritual beliefs and switched it so that its good clean hetero-lesbian fun.

If you liked the sex from Rolly, it's more of the same. The violence is of the same type too. There are some conflicts and power struggles in addition to men and armies hacking away at each other. But there is no character development for those of you who are hoping that great literature is going to come out of me.

If you are a fan of the Casca Eternal Mercenary series by Barry Sadler, this is in the same style.