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Rolly is over

September 22, 2012
Posted at 11:16 am
Updated: September 23, 2012 - 10:05 am

I have submitted the final chapters of The Tale of Roland. It was my first writing attempt and sort of a hodge podge train of thought thing that just kept getting added on to after the first episode. I'm glad so many people seem to like it and have been so supportive.


I would like to report my first score of a 4 for plot in the TPS voting, but it was accompanied by high scores in the other two areas, so I won't worry about it. Just so you like the story, I'm happy. A plot would just fuck that up.

Likewise I got a 5-10-10. I'm sorry that I write like a thumbless chimp, but I'm glad that you think my story is the best ever. I'm working on getting thumbs.

The 9-10-5 score is puzzling, but I bet the guys who write Gay pedo snuff stories get scores like that all the time. I'm sorry that I almost killed the baby unicorn.

For all of you that gave me 10-10-10. Thanks for putting my Ego above any concern for my intellectual growth -- Keep em comming!

The next story, "Wilhan Dragonslayer," starts next week, and just by coincidence the lead character's name sounds like Wilven, our faithful squire from Rolly, but the story was written three novel-length stories after I finished Rolly and I just made up a name that I liked (Wilhem + Hans = Wilhan). You can make fun of Ed Bill too. Just be glad I haven't named anyone Lord Qwerty yet.

It is set in the German Migration period when my ancestors swarmed out of Scandinavia and started pushing out all of the Celtic tribes from Northern Europe. There is some viking culture thrown in just so that I wouldn't have to make shit up. Beowulf and others like him had magic swords, and I suspect that if they were real people, the swords weren't really magic. I wanted to change that little part of it, so this story is about a boy who finds a magic sword, but this one actually does something useful in battle.

Little Wilhan grows up, kicks ass, gets laid, and then kicks some more ass. So don't ding me and say that there is no plot. That's a hell of a plot. Plots don't get any better than that. Unless that's just a theme. In that case the plot might suck because that's about all he does.

It is the first story in "Ring Sword Sagas." The second one is finished and will answer some questions posed by the first.