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I'm Still Here

September 22, 2012
Posted at 5:01 am

Still working on stories. A couple of them died due to writer's block. But now doing good on two others.

One is about an Alien family who left their planet due to wars and set up a home on earth. They morphed themselves to look like humans to avoid panic. They meld in with the locals, a lot of teens who become crimefighters dealing with kidnappings, home invasions, drug cartels, who knows what else.

My reputation is to not post a stories until it is finished. I despise stories that are months between the chapters or never get finished. To me it is an insult to readers (unless their are health or work problems. But then they should just end them and not leave people hanging. Posting every few days or weekly is fine which is what I shall do but the story will be finished first.

I will try to post a couple of short stories just to keep the wires warm.