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Trying getting back into the swing of things.

September 19, 2012
Posted at 2:17 am

Well fortune has smiled on me and mine, health wise I am still in the same boat.

But lucky financially me and my wife have made some moves to get us in a better position.

I had found myself having to work despite doctors recommendations not to. Living in Ca is expensive, and extraordinary problems require extraordinary solution's, so we up and moved out of one of the most expensive cost of living areas to a much more manageable one.

Allowing me to follow my dr advice and not work, so the plan is for me to simply focusing on my physical well being. Currently sitting in a hotel waiting for a loan to close on a property that payments will be a quarter of what or previous rent has been.

So with nothing but time on my hands while I wait, and a shitty hotel internet connection I decided to start writing again. Ive also signed up for English and lit classes at the local JC, so hopefully people will begin to see an improvement in my writing over time.

As for what I am writing I am determined to finish book 3 in the Idin series, have some ideas mapped out there.

Displacement is being written concurrently and may see a rewrite on some chapters.

Also new stuff, the Idin story will continue, using a story device to incorporate Idin Noah side stories in to the series, Idin on the high seas, or idin in ancient rome, etc.

I have to say thank you all for support, I am literally floored by the sheer volume of emails simply posting a new chapter caused.

Truly I am touched, I some time doubt my self with this, but from the flood of emails.. well it is encouraging to say the least.

Thank you all.