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September 16, 2012
Posted at 1:35 pm

I am at an impasse and stuck, I have two options that run through my brain on Adam's training and I have decided to take it to the readers.

The first option is have Adam train in a cabin in the woods, learn the basics and then practice on a near by family who's father is using the vacation to sleep with a local girl.

Option two is have Adam go to train in the family cabin in the woods and his mother and three sister show up out of the blue, the fats decide to use them for his training.

Option three, Adam does not actually go into seclusion but everyone is told he does, he goes to a rented house in the suburbs and does his basic training and then uses the local families for his training.

Please send me E-mails with your votes and I will decide on a winner in about a month, and hopefully be inspired to start the story up again.