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Prison Ship

September 9, 2012
Posted at 4:59 pm
Updated: September 10, 2012 - 3:19 am

Many years ago, I attempted to write a few stories on this site. However due to various pressures in my life, I never got very far with them.

Over the last few months or so, I have been able to get some free time to take up writing again. I've been working mainly on one single story and have decided that I will not be posting that until it is finished. Or at least until book 1 is finished. I really don't want to make the mistake I made before of starting a story and never finishing.

However at various times, I have needed a break from that story, so have started a few other ones. I wasn't going to post any of these secondary stories, at least not until my main story is finished and I then might pick one of these secondary stories as my main focus.

However Prison Ship, which I started a few weeks ago, has started to get a life of its own and I've decided to start posting it. I haven't finished writing this story but have another 5 chapters complete with a few nearly finished. So I should be able to keep to a quite regular posting schedule for a while. However it isn't my main story so will still come second to that in my writing priorities.

Please send your feedback on this story as that is the main reason that I'm posting it. I hope to be able to learn from the feedback and improve my other stories. I will try to reply to all emails, but it might take me a while to do so.

Thanks for reading.