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August 16, 2012
Posted at 9:19 am
Updated: August 16, 2012 - 3:08 pm

I plan on posting Parts 3 and 4 Friday evening (tomorrow). A cleaner copy of parts one and two will be reposted for anyone who might actually be saving this story.

Part 3 is different, but short. It brings in the other women who will be important characters in the "love story" from here on out.

Part 4 is a basic mission story, as are the rest after part 3.

Do not expect some great thing to happen in this story. It's not about that. It's about some guy's life getting settled into place. Mostly I just wanted to put a guy through some cheesy adventures to entertain myself.

I have turned the basic scoring off for now because from here on out it will be more of the same until the Epilogue when loose ends come together, so save your votes until then.

Rolly is based quite a bit on a real person, an original member of UDT-SEAL team 2 who served in Vietnam. I knew him when he was in his fifties teaching scuba diving and sky diving. He had both interesting good luck, and odd bad luck with women. He was a sweet, friendly guy that everyone liked. There was no military starch to him at all, and I can't remember if even one of his war stories was about engaging the enemy in combat.

My scene with the bar wench and the hurt balls in part one is based on something that happened to him in a vietnamese bar.


The broken sword on a shopping network a real clip.