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Update on new story

August 2, 2012
Posted at 7:23 pm

I'm starting to get a lot more e-mails wanting to know what's in the pipeline. While posts are fairly infrequent, you can subscribe to my forum (use the button up top there) and generally be kept up-to-date.

There are actually numerous things going on, none of them exactly quickly:

The first (and furthest along) is the fourth Chaos story. This is the long awaited story centered on Tina. It's incredibly difficult to write. We are actually spending a significant amount of time inside the head of a musical prodigy who just doesn't think like us. It takes a whole new outlook on Tina and really screws with my writing. I can, for instance write dialog for a scene with the familiar characters in my sleep, I know them that well.

Compare that to the reaction to a single sound in Tina's synesthaesic, icon driven brain and everything, I mean everything changes. It's wicked cool and very hard to do at the same time.

For instance I recently posted on the forum a short scene of Tina hearing a single voice for the first time in church (guess who). That is told as Tina hears it, and sees it in her mind. There is iconography to the pattern of a hymn broken down into the voice, her own voice, the organ, and the congregation as a whole.

I would say 'soon', but I'm sure I can't have it done before a rather significant event in my life pops up next month (my oldest daughter's wedding, that's her on the cover art for The Rhythm of Her Soul).

There are two other projects that are moving a bit slower. The second is, oh boy, would you believe a post-apocolyptic Peter Pan reboot? It's a fun, crazy story in it's early stages. My version of Belle (no magic, exactly, but an expert with firearms and a penchant for explosives) is pretty cool and certainly fun to write. The problem with her is that she doesn't speak, at all. Again it's a new challenge to put her communication entirely into the narrative. I know for a fact I rely too heavily on dialog so it's a good thing for me to work on.

Lastly is a story that may not make it to SOL (Finestories probably) as it is most certainly not adult oriented in any way. It involves a widower, an orphaned girl, and lots of karting. You shall sniffel, lots.