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Working (or Double Trouble)

August 1, 2012
Posted at 5:20 pm

I'm not sure if any other author has this happen to them but I find that sometimes I need to just back off a story for a bit. Nothing serious, just step away and work on another story for a day or so until the next part of my primary story comes into better focus.

My problem is that I have far too many in my hopper. Which one do I work on? I've got some with many chapters already written, others with less and some that are nothing more than a brief One Note about an idea I had maybe 4 or 5 years ago.

So, I've actually been kind of working on three when I need a break from "Mirror". I thought I'd share them here because I was thinking about posting a chapter or two of one of them which would force me to write it when taking a break so I could get another chapter to post...but which one? So, I'm going to leave it up to you. Send me an e-mail with your choice and on August 17th, I'll tally them all up and post chapter 1/Prologue of the story you've collectively chosen (if any...maybe I won't get any votes!). Then, as I get more written, I'll post/update the new chapter -- no schedule, mind you, just as it gets written. {"Mirror", of course, is going to get most of my attention but I definitely won't post that one until it's finished -- it's just too intricate}

1) "Unexpected Results": A story about a 13 year old (at the beginning of the story) who learns that he is a Psion -- a person with vast psionic power(s). This story follows him as he meets a family who helps teach him what he is and what he can do as he works to fit in their society while juggling the "normal" world. [Codes so far: mf mF MF inc mom son bro sis mc]

2) "A New Life": Jonathon's brother Chris lost more than the use of his legs to an IED, he lost his ability to have sex and make babies as well. Chris and his wife Charlene want children, though, so they come up with an interesting solution -- have Jonathon father a baby with Charlene. The question leads to some interesting problems for Jonathon. [Codes so far: mf mF inc bro sis in-law]

3) "College: Freshman": Quinn's father was a master carpenter and all-around handyman -- he flipped houses for a living through a construction company he partnered with his brother Mark on. From age 10, Quinn would join his father on the job during the summer, learning his father's craft. Unfortunately, Quinn's parents have died in a tragic car accident, leaving Quinn and his sister to live with Uncle Mark and Aunt Brenda. Now in his first year of college, Quinn has convinced his Uncle to buy an apartment complex in the college town and renovate it. Follow him as he works his way through college -- and many ladies along the way. {This particular story is mostly background right now; I know little about construction/demolition and have done a fair amount of investigation without writing a lot...therefore, no codes for now}

So, it's up to you. Take your pick, e-mail me, and let me know which one interests you more! :)