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Au Naturel Girls Feedback

July 28, 2012
Posted at 5:30 pm

Hi all,

I am going to try and use an Internal Blog at SOL for awhile; see what happens. Joe "Bondi" Beach has suggested it to answer a question I have been asked.

Did you intentionally portray all the men in this
story to be idiots? They seem not to have any
intelligence at all while the women seem to be
smart enough.

The Au Naturel Girls is the story of three liberal, female nudists who has a chauvinistic guy placed with them by their landlord who then has to adapt to the will of the women. Adam has a particularly racist friend in Carl, hence the question I believe.

To answer the question, the men are not meant to be portrayed as idiots, just slightly prejudiced. All the people I have met whose parents have strong beliefs, these often get passed down to the children, and I found it to be not unusual for groups of family friends to share similar outlooks in life.

The feedback was sent from Chapter IV and there are over a dozen chapters; the men are not unintelligent just unenlightened!