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Thank you all

July 21, 2012
Posted at 4:06 pm

When I posted Secrets and Lies, it was with some apprehension. I published it on literotica back in September and although it did resonably well, it attracted a lot of negative comments. Both Harry and myself were branded wimps. Some idiots decided my nom de plume was Asian so I got racist comments. I don't know if it is vain to love your own creation but I always loved the story. I went back through it and corrected all the mistakes that I could find, then tried it on SOL. You have not let me down. The responses I have had, 25 to date, have justified my faith, both in the story and in the readership.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you all.

P.S. It was being branded a wimp that made me create Greg Maidment in "People can change" so even negative comments can have positive results.