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Time for an update

July 11, 2012
Posted at 10:10 am

Well, I suppose from all the emails asking me if I am still alive I get the impression that there are one or two of you out there who actually give a crap. Okay, for you one or two who profess to care here is my answer: I am still alive!

Still alive and doing fine… Well, not really fine but at least okay. I have heard it said that any day you wake up and don't find dirt covering your body it's a good day… I have to say I kind of agree with that.

For those of you with the unquenchable need to know about a year ago I was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma. It's not considered curable but it is treatable. So after eight weeks inpatient chemotherapy the cancer is now considered in remission. Yes it will probably come back someday but someday is not today or hopefully not tomorrow. Right now I'm just damn glad I'm still upright and cranky as ever.

Honestly I'm not looking for a bunch of emails wishing me well… I appreciate the thought but I'm not looking for any sympathy or well-wishing, it's just not in my nature. Really I was just trying to explain why I haven't posted anything in such a long time.

I have been writing but not quickly. I have found feeling like death warmed over is not conducive to writing anything worth reading (the drugs were really nice at times but after reading the nonsense I'd written while under their influence I gave up trying for awhile.)

So anyway I started writing again after most of the drugs had worn off and wouldn't you know while I was out riding my motorcycle some dumbass pulls out from a side street and hits me! Do I feel snake bit? Just a little. Anyhow this too shall pass and soon I'll be back trying like hell to finish at least one of the stories I have started. When will that be? I have no freaking idea! It depends on how long I can stay out of the hospital!

So back to the original intent of this entry. Thank all of you for asking but yes, I am still alive and will continue to write when I get a chance.

And before you ask; no, I don't know if the idiot was on a cell phone when he hit me but that would be rather ironic wouldn't it?