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July 5, 2012
Posted at 1:14 pm

Several mispellings and typos were pointed out and thank you to those who were constructive in suggestions.

Unfortunately even after editing by another person some still got through. I write because I like it and I've never claimed to be perfect in my typing. Some feedback was so nit picky however that I actually considered giving it up because it wasn't enjoyable any longer.

I don't mind mistakes being pointed out but it's also nice to hear if someone liked the story in general along with the crtiticisms.

As far as grammar goes, some of that is intentional, some is just a regional way of speaking. To write the way some would have you came across as so pretentious and unnatural that it sounded bad.

Writing my stories isn't my career, it's something I do for enjoyment and relaxation. I like sharing my stories with everyone.

I hope people will forgive certain instances of poetic license used to make the story better as many fictional stories use.

As far as mistakes go, I hope people can also forgive some of them as regardless to what some have told me not only did my own spell check not catch them but also the spell check of an editor.

I'll continue to write stories as long as it's fun and as long as there are people who tell me they enjoy reading them. The day it becomes more like work than fun is the day I stop.