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LAATHG Chapter 13 'submitted to the Queue'

July 2, 2012
Posted at 9:02 am

Hi, to the people out there in SOL land.

Monday is upon us.
And so is Chapter 13 of LAATHG.

With Chapter 13 comes some new code's.
First the big change is that the story goes from 'No Sex' to 'Minimal Sex'.

And the following code's are added.
f/f, Consensual, Petting, Slow.

I would also add Kissing, but it looks like there is no code for Kissing. :) hehehe.

As i said last time out Chapter 14 is ready.
But i have yet to have time to start on Chapter 15.

If i can find some free time today. - (free time is what i call more than say 55 minutes .) - I Will start Chapter 15.

I hope you enjoy Chapter 13 today.
It was fun to do, but hard at the same time.
Keeping it all straight in my head was no easy task, i can tell you.
But it should all line up well, and be easy for you to follow what is going on.

So... Enjoy!! todays Chapter, have a good week, and i will see you all friday for chapter 14.