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On Hiatus

June 27, 2012
Posted at 10:36 pm not really. :)

I am, however, going to be gone for the next month with what will amount to an incredibly minimal access to Internet services (yes, I will be on THAT deserted island). Fear not, I am taking my laptop and will be doing writing -- hopefully mostly on my "Mirror" pet project (I'm only 1/4 way through chapter 9 and I'm planning on 26 chapters or so!!) but I'm probably going to take some breaks and at least flesh out some other ideas I've had recently ('s a deserted island...there's nothing else to DO there...).

My plan is to have chapters 9 through 12 done during my time away...but I can guarantee nothing. I have a wife and some time is not my own.

I'll try to blog once or twice when the internet gods shine down on me and give me a shred of connectivity, but I'm not promising it, either.

Have a great July!!
---Kenn Ghannon