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Wait...What...? Where did...? How...?

June 23, 2012
Posted at 7:58 am
Updated: June 23, 2012 - 8:01 am

So, um, yeah.

New chapter of "A Matter of Betrayal" in the "Series of Matters" trilogy posted.

Why the long, long, long hiatus?

I mentioned health issues and family issues and that's all true, but also I began to truly hate this story and the charaters.

The outline I had completely collapsed because, well, the characters just wouldn't go through with what I planned for them to do. They balked and stymied me.

So I kind of gave up. I kept the story in the back of mind though. I kept thinking how I could get my characters back into the outline and then that evolved into what could I change to the outline to make it work for my characters until finally it was "To Hell With The Outline!"

And that's when Aileen and Colin and the rest started telling me how the story was going to progress, and you know what? I fell back in love with them for it.

So, 6 years is an awfully long time to be away from a continuing story and I wanted to make sure this was not really a new story with new characters that have just been slapped with the names of Colin, Aileen, Sheryl, and Seth, this is the genuine continuation of a series of matters. What surprised me was how effortlessly I slipped back into these characters, like no time had passed at all, and the best news I could hear from any readers that care to comment is that where the story picks back up after chapter 12 is pretty seamless.

Now, I have no planned out schedule for more chapters, nor have I written any more yet, but I so plan to keep this story going and the wait for chapter 14 will be considerably less.

Thank you all you wonderful patient readers out there who have all supported me!