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The End of book 1

June 21, 2012
Posted at 4:28 pm

After much thought I have decided to end Blood moon at chapter 15. I will take the next week to begin a restructure of how I tell the stories. I have noticed, that the score tends to fluctuate quite a bit. As well I am feeling the chapters are not as long as they could be.

fuzzywuzzy and I will be discussing the changes soon, and I will be posting the first chapter next Thursday at 8 pm. I apologize if this upsets some of you, but it is my hope the new format will make it more enjoyable. As well I may be able to go back and expand blood moon to be more enjoyable for everyone.

Please be patient, and to Antony, don't worry this isn't the end of Davik's adventures, only the end of one small story, and the beginning of another.