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LAATHG Chapter 6 'submitted to the Queue', Update & Waffling On

June 8, 2012
Posted at 9:41 am

Friday is here and so is chapter 6, (at the time of this blog posting it is sitting in the queue.)

I have started on chapter 9 but its slow going. I have got the outline done. now it is just down to getting the fine print right. I will be working on chapter 9 later today. With a little good luck I may even get to start work on chapter 10 today as well.

My thanks go's out to my readers, who each Friday and Monday come to read the next chapter of LAATHG.

I look at the overall plot I have in my mind and think there is a long way to go, but every end has a start. And the start is the keystone to any good story.

Story's like 'The Bells of Tanah' by Invid Fan' or 'Magic Ink III' by 'Uncle Jim' have gripping plot's and magic to the story that I can only hope to match. And yet I am going to give it a try.

In today's chapter I have my first try at explaining what is going on as Emily and Co. Cast one of the biggest spell's that they can cast. Placing in words what I see in my mind's eye is one of the hardest parts of writing that I have found, well for myself anyhow. i just hope that you enjoy chapter 6.

And I will see you all on Monday.