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Cheating Wife Stories Redux

June 2, 2012
Posted at 10:51 am

I think I've spoken in my blog before about the "Mirror Darkley" science/fantasy story I'm writing. I've been struggling a bit lately and what I've found is that taking a break and working (BRIEFLY) on another story allows the story to coagulate a bit and I can then move on. Another method is to read other stories and let my mind wander. Yesterday, I blogged that I was currently into cheating wife stories but lamented that I couldn't think of a viable reason why a wife would even bother fighting for the marriage if she's caught.

Thanks to someone who actually reads the blog (honestly, I didn't think anyone did!) he came up with a list of 9 reasons.


I've decided that, over time (in other words, no telling when I'll start or finish any of these) I'm going to write a story for each of the following reasons that a wife would fight for a marriage after cheating:
Social Status
Her family's reaction
the affair was purely sexual, not emotional
Religious objection to divorce
needing husband's medical insurance
Absent Pregnancy (Father runs/disappears)
Stupidity (talked into it by other women)

Thanks to the person who 'donated' the list (who will currently remain anonymous since I didn't ask if I could mention his name).

Wish me luck. :)