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Cheating Wife Stories

June 2, 2012
Posted at 2:40 am

For a bit now, I've been fascinated by cheating wife stories. I don't know why. I have a very good relationship with my wife and I'm certain my wife doesn't cheat on me (of course, the husband is always the last to know, but...). I even started writing my own cheating wife stories...until I ran into a problem.

If a woman is going to cheat on you, it means the love and respect are already gone. So, what does it matter what you do to them...if you divorce, they're free of you and free to have sex with their lovers anyway. There just doesn't seem to be any downside for, I'm putting off writing a story I have in my hopper until I can think of a reason why a cheating wife would even bother fighting for the marriage...