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Feed me ... feed me? Feedback?

May 25, 2012
Posted at 7:52 pm

I really wanted some ...

that was exciting - people rank things! Several people put my stories in their library - I assume these people might want to catch new updates.
One person went to the trouble of doing an in depth assessment and gave all 1's! The average for the simple feedback on this story is 4.27 so that person must not be a majority opinion ...

It was just like teaching college - some people are unteachable, some are ...

Anyway, I hope some of you enjoy the stories - I don't bother much with grammar - the point is to bend someone's mind AND screw with the English language! e.g. e e cummings and no capital letters.

If someone wants to volunteer to edit - cool!

It is fun to write and I hope you appreciate it.