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Stuck in Mediocrity

May 24, 2012
Posted at 10:06 pm

Chapter 7 of the First Mirror Darkley book is giving me no end of trouble. First, I've had some minor, cheesy medical issues to deal with which have been taking up more of my time than I'd like -- and the medical problems have come complete with pain pills which, I've found, are NOT conducive to writing that turns out to be legible. Go Figure.

Beyond that, I've also been doing some reading -- currently of Phil Brown's "Second Time Through" series (book 2 still in progress). I have to say, I've enjoyed it far more than I thought I would though I find some of it a bit far-fetched -- but then, that's why they call it Science Fiction. The great thing about Mr. Brown's story is that it's character development is incredible -- he manages to maintain boundaries of his characters that make them individuals. For example, he wrote a few sections where he didn't bother to name the character interacting with Michael (the main character) and just from the dialog and descriptions you could easily tell who it was. Masterful and I highly recommend it.

Reading his story did put a quick story idea in my hopper...but I've got about 100 stories just lounging around in there, so...maybe I'll get to it.

As for Chapter 7, I think I need to just muddle through and force myself to write it...then come back and edit the crap out of it until I'm satisfied. The primary difficulty here is keeping it believable (within the realms of the Universes I've created). Sigh. Here goes nothing...