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A Landmark of Sorts

May 17, 2012
Posted at 10:01 pm

This week I posted a chapter of Betsy. It wasn't the best chapter I've ever written and it wasn't the worst, but it was special. With that post, I finally reached 25MB of text posted on SOL. At about 6 characters per word, that translates to around 4,000,000 words of text.

It probably took typing around 5,000,000 words to get that much worth keeping. I edit a lot, rewrite stuff over and over, and pretty much worry the text to death. Still, errors creep in and no matter how many times I read it, I don't catch them all. Others do. In fact, others catch a lot of errors of mine, but even they miss some.

A good example is in the story Betsy. I know the difference between peddling and pedaling, but I never catch it when I use the wrong one while I'm proofreading it. I think that second d just looks too much like an a. That little upward part of the d is bent over in the a. The only solution is to never have a character who rides a bicycle in any of my future stories.

I've tried not to repeat myself in my stories. I keep trying to find new ways to show the hero that exists in each of us. I'm more successful in some stories than in others, still I do my best. We'll see how I do on the next couple of Megabytes of text.

I hope you've enjoyed what I've posted.