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The Sacrifice is finished

May 12, 2012
Posted at 12:49 pm

Hey, just wanted to let fans know that I have finished writing The Sacrifice. It will run four parts. Part three has been posted and should be up shortly. Part four is finished, but I need to proofread and revise it. However, the major writing is done. If you absolutely cannot wait, contact me and I'll e-mail you a draft.

My work schedule is crazy and I can work long days. I travel a lot now, too. Thanks for being patient and sticking with my stories.

I really want to finish stories that I have started before I start anything new. I really, really want to finish Terminator With Love. I have the season 2 DVDs with me. I'll rewatch them and try to work my story into the existing one.

My story about a 19th century Southern plantation owner and his black slaves is coming along well and I may be ready to start posting that soon.

I'm glad the Sacrifice is DONE. It was a hard story to write. The imagery just got darker and darker and it was difficult for me to immerse myself in it. Honestly, it really made me feel uncomfortable. Don't expect another story like this from me again. It was just too much darkness and perversion. I know people love it. I've gotten a lot of positive e-mails. That's really the only reason I finished it. I couldn't leave my fans hanging.

I'll revise part four when my work schedule allows and hopefully, I'll be able to post it in a week or two.... hopefully.