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Regarding Susie's Freshman Year.

April 29, 2012
Posted at 1:14 am

This isn't the whole freshman year. It's a collection of major events from that time, centering on her unlikely and unorthodox (not to mention forbidden) relationship with the Dean of Women and her roommate, Amelia. That it ends poorly is because of Jody's growing sense of power and her tendency to let get it to her head. She hasn't learned what the boundaries are, but she is finding out through Susie and Amelia. The two last a little longer, but not permanently (otherwise, she won't find her future husband).

I prefer to leave it somewhat in doubt if Jody stalks or harasses Susie and Amelia. A little mystery and room for imagination is good. If someone wants to write a spin-off covering Jody, feel free. I won't get mad at all. That's why there is no epilogue, no closure. It's an experiment in leaving things unsaid and unclear, open-ended, as it were.

Thank you again,
Severus Maximus (aka Severusmax, and no, my username is NOT derived from Professor Snape).