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Flora's World is complete.

April 24, 2012
Posted at 5:34 pm

The next phase is coming, of course. How soon will depend upon writing and RL circumstances. I have many ideas of where things could go, now that war is declared and Mark is permanently a member of the Fair Tribe with Flora, Lora, and Heather.

As for "A Sharing Pact", I hope to get more done on that fairly soon. Turnabout's fair play and all. Desire and Tammy still need their fair share of strange tail.

"Unleashing the Other" is also far from over, along with "Sigma Omega Sigma". The latter is my own twist on the idea of a secret society of dominants committed to advancing their own mysterious agenda. Think "Skull and Bones Society" but with whips, chains, and leather and masquerading as a Greek organization to better hide their true intentions.

As for Frank Pezzo from "Unleashing the Other", his work is still very much cut out for him and he hasn't gotten to hearing his father's will read to him. More shocks await him.

I also hope that you liked my recent entries, "The Real Thing" and "Halloween Birthday: Trick or Treat". Concerning the former, there really was a comment made along those lines by one of my female co-workers, which got me hard and made me think of why a girl might say that (other than a simple smart-ass remark).

As for the latter, the lady who inspired it is a real piece of work, in both good and bad ways. It was supposed to be a "grudge fuck" at first, but as writing stories often goes, it went a different direction. And, yes, before she told me, I had no clue of who Snooki was. That's because I still don't watch reality TV.