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Always on Guard and other news

April 19, 2012
Posted at 9:55 pm

I have posted the first chapter of my latest offering, a story of knights and ladies set in a fictional time that is reflective of the middle ages.

As with "Daze In The Valley," it is a different story from my normal, sickly sweet romance. "Always on Guard" contains scenes of violence and intrigue, although practically no sexual content.

And for those readers who were intimidated by the length of "Daze In The Valley," this one is only about half the size (75 total chapters, I think).

In other news:

I have shelved a story I had started about a MLB general manager and his fight to rebuild a failing franchise into a winner. I was using a baseball simulation game to determine his success -- and he failed. I mean miserably (his team almost set the MLB record for consecutive losses to being a season -- after he overspent his budget to improve the team). So it's going back into the garage for a tune up to see if its even salvageable.

However ...
The characters from "The Outsider II" have suddenly found their way back into my consciousness. I have been pounding out scenes to the tune of one per day in the past couple of weeks and I'm now up to about 25 chapters. I estimate it has about another month before I can wrap it up and get it to my stalwart editor, BlackIrish (who deserves all the credit for getting it off the scrap heap and back into production).

I sent the few chapters I'd finished to BlackIrish for a look-see. He came up with several great ideas about potential plot points and really set the story back in motion.

I hope you enjoy "Always On Guard" and feel free to drop me a line about any zingers you might find while perusing it.

Jay C.