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Why Plan For Encores?

April 12, 2012
Posted at 12:23 am

The type of brain tumor I caught is an Oligodendroglioma. These are according to experts in the field, incurable. Experts in medicine don't usually toss that word around lightly. In other words, the chemo I'm doing now isn't meant to kill the glioma, just to stop it from killing me any sooner.

ANYWAY. Average survival rates are somewhere between 3.6 and 20 years (usually on the lower end). Given the grade and other factors of my tumor, I'm likely to survive no more than 15 years, and that's an optimistic estimate. I was diagnosed in 2007. So I've had it for five years, which leaves me ten years to go.

Granted, medical science is always advancing. Maybe they'll figure out a 'cure' before my time is up, or at least a better method to extend my expected lifespan.

Still, it seems prudent to plan for a final curtain at the age of 42, in 2022.

What's that song? "Live like you were dying"?

Don't worry. I plan on finishing Eric's story well before then.