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Ann's Story

March 29, 2012
Posted at 10:59 am

O.K. I don't get it. So here is my mini rant. I can truly understand if some one gives me a low score for Technical or Plot but when some one comes up with a really low score for Appeal I don't get it. The codes are there. If you don't like what the codes tell you about the story why read the story at all?

I also want to thank those who understood what the story was about and gave me a little better scores to even things out.

AND yes... Her name wasn't Ann but this was told to me as true happenings... although I doubt the blow job scenerio. I just think 'Ann' got so horny telling me the tale of her repeated spankings that she added what she wished had happened. Or maybe not?

I am sort of seeing 'Ann' now so who knows what else I can get her to tell.

Thanks to all.... Ron