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Looking For A Volunteer Editor

March 23, 2012
Posted at 11:08 am

In my infinite wisdom (yes, strong sarcasm there) I've begun working on the first of four parts of (what I hope will be) an epic fantasy story. I'm looking for an experienced editor to help me with grammar, punctuation and story continuity -- basically, someone who can read over chapters and scream at me about how poorly I write, make corrections and strongly suggest I give up my dream of being a writer and dedicate myself to my underwater basket-weaving passion.

I have 'living documents' with notes on background and characters and I've outlined 25 chapters though I may end up with more as things go on. The story is currently planned to include mf mF ff Ff most of which will be of an incestuous nature (depending on how you look at things, maybe bro sis mom grandmom cousin aunt); there is going to be violence in the story though I currently have no plans to have violent sex in the story. I also have no plans to include BDSM, blackmail, bondage, any male on male (which is *MY* squick), beast, and so on though I can't absolutely promise against it if the story should lead me there.

If you have a good grasp of English (grammar, sentence structure, spelling) and are interested please e-mail me at kenn_ghannon at hot mail dot com.