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Re: Saralinda: Gary's Furthurmore

March 2, 2012
Posted at 10:11 pm

Hi - I've uploaded some drawings I did of Gary's ship, Furthurmore. I prepared these long ago in order to make my writings about the ship make sense. I designed this "ship" myself, knowing very little about ships. I looked at several photos of large yachts, but I didn't have floor plans for any of them.

This probably wouldn't be a good ship design. Oh well. At least you can get an idea of what I was imagining when I was writing.

I put these in as a Prologue, though it's not a prologue at all. I suppose they'd go better as an appendix, and maybe I'll see if Lazeez can move it to the end once the whole story is uploaded.

BTW - I did the drawings painstakingly in EXCEL, having reduced the row height and column width down enough to have a very small grid to work with. Perhaps a strange choice for a drawing program, but it worked for me.

- Gray