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update- another one

February 27, 2012
Posted at 7:13 pm

I am still working on my prequel -very very slowly.

After my disastrous attempts to break into teaching last year, I retain my avidity for knowledge and so enrolled at my local high school to bring myself up to uni entrance standard at least in (modern) maths. Two weeks after accepting me, the school discharged me without explanation - makes me wonder why people join the Defence Forces and die "for their country".

So I am now enrolled at Distance Education (correspondence school with computers and the n'net), but I am six weeks behind because of the admin f--- up

Also started another dispute with Veterans' Dept about natural justice - something bureaucrats are ignorant of - until that is the gubmint wants to amend the public service acts.

I still follow a couple of stories on SOL when I should be working on mine but hey.

Looked at my figures again and I and very gratified.

best to everyone
regards gd