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February 19, 2012
Posted at 8:41 pm

I do not like my blogging before, so I also have a new one today! See?

My story is based on Bible Black: The Game, differently than the Bible Black hentai/anime. I will use both, however, and wallow in my happiness. This will be a novel. Very long, so far, but too short when it is ending and I have to cry. That will not be for many chapters!

My story must also be different than the original source material. I am a Milk Bunny, not a Japanese hentai artist! I will play with characters and plot and myself to my heart's content and if you will also know what I'm doing, you will know it is not what my mother intended. Yes? Yes!

Big changes?

The relationship between Minase and Saeki, is different. I will add a consensual/non-consensual chikan scene in chapter 7...That will not be found in the game! So, you will know I'm writing the fan fiction and not a Milk Secretary taking dictation from my computer! That will be utmost silliness!

New chapters every 3-5 days. Yes! I have also an editor for my milk slave, so perhaps my story will look very nice for you! Like me! :)

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