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February 1, 2012
Posted at 8:22 pm

Working and Ideas

Well hello again, I am back to working more on my stories. It is hard to keep my creative juices going when I keep having ideas for other stories. I have started a couple other stories now so that I may try to get those juices flowing again. I am combining some of my favorite aspects into to both stories. It will be a little bit before I have them anywhere near far enough along to start posting, but I will strive on. I haven't stopped writing on my other stories either, it is just hard to get up the insperation to continue them. I will never accept defeat though, so please bear with me. I continue to work and the new living here in VA has been a real eye opener. Please continue to enjoy my stories as much as I have and I will continue to strive to put out chapters that others can enjoy. Thank You.

Special D.