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Writing Update

January 30, 2012
Posted at 3:24 pm

Well now that mid to late January has come and gone and I haven't posted I figured I had better give an update.

The Good News: I have completed The Runeswords and it is in editing. I have ten chapters complete for The Prince of the Rose and five are in editing.

The Bad News: I have a completed story and five chapters of another story in editing and not posted. :)

Just as soon as they are clean and ready to go they'll be up. I intended to post The Runeswords as a standalone, but really it isn't. So with that being said I will post it as story #4 of the Bard's Tales. Reginald is in it and he is the narrator but it isn't a story that he would ever tell an audience. Prince of the Rose will be story #3. I have started the outline for a follow on story, but that's all you'll get from me until PotR is complete.

Here's to hoping my next blog entry starts with, "A new story is up on the site!"