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Welcome to 2012 - My Non- Apocalype

January 8, 2012
Posted at 3:18 pm

Happy New Year,

So just an update for those who've been asking.

The Winter King is proceeding. Slowly, but proceeding, and with some recent increase in words per minute. (I know some of you are convinced its more like words per month)

I do plan more for Tales from Asgard Space, but have no new story currently started.

I am not currently writing anything new for the Worlds of Light. Story ideas crop up now and then, as does the desire to edit a few that didn't end exactly as I'd have liked, but so far, nothing.

I am working on another new story, unrelated to anything else, but it has actually gone on the back burner in recent days because of my return to The Winter King.

Sadly though, I have to report that nothing that I'm currently working on is anywhere close to being finished. Unless I'm suddenly inspired to whip out something fast and short, I don't expect to be posting anything for at least a month or two. This is of course, completely subject to the influence of my cruel, but beautiful muse, who is currently at least back in the room, if not yet quite up to anything like the old relationship we had in the past.