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Plot Knot: and a barrel full of kittens

December 26, 2011
Posted at 7:36 am

Sorry for the long...make that VERY LONG delay on posting to SAOD.

However, I think that this one will become the first book of my first published series someday (with a few rewrites, and a professional team of editors, copyreaders, and proofreaders).

I found some rather glaring errors in chapter 16. So, at this time, I finally am posting the corrections. I've had a mostly completed chapter for SAOD and Lost Colony for most of a year. However, both suffer from one of my failings. I tried to juggle too many plot threads, and have too much action happening all at once. I call this the Plot Knot falacy.

I have since decided that I will take the concepts I was trying (unsuccessfully) to cram into one chapter, and spread them out over several chapters.

Your Future :P