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Thought I'd blog

December 20, 2011
Posted at 10:37 pm

Hi. thought I'd let interested readers know what's going on. I haven't been writing any Trent: Babymaker lately. I've been focusing on "Motherfucker" which is basically the same character but in much less fortunate circumstances. I need to finish that story as soon as I can.

Unfortunately, the holidays are taking precedence. I'll be in the hospital after the new year. I actually wanted to go during Christmas/New Years, but they said no. I think they over-booked.

I'm going to be posting quickly to God of Porn. Some stories will be uber-friendly, like "Daughters of Orion" which is in the posting queue right now. Other stories will be decidedly less pleasing to the average reader's gentle sensibilities. Like Betsy's Bad Intentions, which should only have about 73 downloads. It isn't really meant for the rest of you, but feel free to be disappointed.

And that's about it. Happy holidays. Make a good resolution for new years and get kinda drunk.