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new story

December 9, 2011
Posted at 3:56 am

my interest is in writing about the reactions of the various characters to differing circumstances. Setting the scene in chapters 1-3 leaves little room for direct interaction and direct speech so as far as I am concerned the meat of the story does not yet start.

I'm trying to set the scene and introduce the two main characters so we'll know more about them as they conduct the plot.

I'm not good at writing action stories and this one, by necessity, has quite a bit hence no scope for scoring yet

Feel free to submit your points but the reader who is very interested in whether the watcher has a stable enough platform in a dead calm sea to take photo's must just bear with my licence.

I Could have described the glassy surface of the water but what the hell! I didn't and lots of you would have thought i was trying to emulate Conrad (very badly).