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Well heck!

December 5, 2011
Posted at 9:52 am

Like everything else the best intentions can't be kept sometimes. About a week after my latest post the hard drive on my file server died about 2 weeks before I had planned to change it out. I also was planning to upgrade my Ubuntu 6.04 server to Ubuntu 10 at the same time. Needless to say this took much longer than it would have since I ended up having to totally reset the system up with all the file and folder permissions I set (got to keep the kids out of some of the folders). This has taken some time and definitely was not the orderly upgrade that I had planned. I only back up my system weekly since it is a home system and the primary document that I lost was the next 5 almost 6 chapters of Sansibelle. Needless to say I'm rewriting those chapters and hope to post the next chapter this week. Posting/writing will slow down again for at least 6 weeks in early January as one of my volunteer activities gets super busy at that time.