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Mommy Misplaced

December 1, 2011
Posted at 9:59 pm

Hi. I'm posting chapter 7 today. This is the last chapter and actually this story has two last chapters. The original concept I had ended with chapter 3. That's the real Mommy Misplaced novella. But...When it was originally posted, I received a lot of requests for more, so I wrote four additional chapters. Those made the two books. "MM Book 1" (Chapters 1-3) and "MM Book 2" (Chapters 4-7) see? I've combined them here for your convenience. :)

And then, later still, I wrote "The Lost Episodes" which have the same characters, the same universe, and are stand-alone stories. I'm not sure if I'll post any of those or not. If I do, they will appear as a continuation to this story (since they contain preteen sex) but MM will always be marked as "Complete" regardless of when and how many additional chapters I might post in the future.

They need editing. The whole story took a lot of work to become presentable, which is why there's been such a delay between chapters on SOL. I apologize for that and I'm certain the story could use even more editing. I think I was on the Red Bull Diet when I wrote it. Mommy Misplaced, the original draft, was an absolute train wreck and I have a lot of projects going on, between "Motherfucker" and "Babymaker" and "Brendan Falls" and...You get the idea. I'm a busy little beaver.

So, that's it for now and thanks for reading.
Happy Holidays.

I think I'm gonna post "My Strange Life" next, which a few people seem to enjoy. We'll find out soon. Maybe "NIS: rache" first, I have to look.