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November 28, 2011
Posted at 8:47 pm

I thought I would calm down and consolodate all my silly blog notes into one all-encompassing note for old and new readers alike. Older blog entries have been removed for your convenience. Unless you wanted to keep them, in which case it's probably inconvenient. Sorry.

Let's see. Firstly, Babymaker is a story in-progress, meaning I'm posting as I write. I finish one chapter with only a vague idea of what might happen in the next (it rarely does) and I much prefer doing it that way. It keeps it fresh for me and your thoughts and opinions expressed through email are a motivating influence. Posting as I go gets me (and my characters) in trouble, creates delays, and isn't recommended for authors with a weak constitution, but it works best for me. A lot of readers don't like that method, but we're kinda stuck with it. I can give you a refund, if you kept your receipt.

Some chapters (like lucky 13) need reposting due to poor proofing on my part. I apologize for the typos. They happen and when I catch them, I fix them. If you would like to point them out to me as you find them, I've never resented the help. By the way, proofing is different than editing, so don't tell me I need an editor. I have one. What I need is a secretary with a submissive personality and a fetish for grammar and spelling, looks are somewhat less important.

Voting is turned off, but not because I don't care what you think. I just don't believe it's fair to score a story before it's finished. Maybe I'm wrong, I dunno. The score is less important to me than email, put it that way. If you need to share an opinion with me, drop me a line. It's not complicated. If you think a vote would tell me what you're thinking, send me a number.

Trent is the "straight man" as most will recognize, which means the other characters get to play off him. Hopefully they're diverse and entertaining. I'm trying not to fall into a rut of characterization, but my talents are meager and anytime I get more than one character in a story, it becomes a challenge for me. I like challenges, so maybe we're okay there.

The story falls into the genre I like to call "Soap Opera" because there isn't really a direct, simple plot or conflict for the hero to overcome in the traditional sense. There are lot of smaller problems which appear and are resolved, and usually lead to other small problems. I'm saying this because you shouldn't be looking for Trent to save King Kong from New York. If he finds his one true love and is able to be with her for three whole chapters without a lot of meddling from other people, that would be a reasonable ending. It's a romance. A love story, and theoretically, since nobody is that happy, one that could go on forever.

But I hope not. :)

And finally, I'm writing porn. It's not erotica. It's definitely not literature. It's just plain old pornography and not much different than anything else I've written. I'm a one trick pony, what can I say? But so far as tricks go, it's a pretty good one. Right?

Thanks for taking a look,