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Sunday 08 072005

August 8, 2005
Posted at 3:22 am

well my encounter with Missy was ultimately a gigantic letdown.
My fantasies got thrown to the ground and stomped on,
She was indeed outstandingly, fantastically, amazingly dazzleingly beautiful, but I guess the age difference was too much for her, and she refused to do anything more than a bj.
That in itself wasnt bad,
I had an orgasm..whoopee.I was hoping that she would allow me to do her as well.
I got to touch her boobs, play with her tiny cocklet, and massage her balls, she started to get a tiny bit hard while I did this, and she smiled sweetly throughout, btu nothing morewas offered, and my request to return the favour was refused.
I'm left with the question, do I try again with another "escort" or forget it and move on...I enjoyed what I did get, but not the rejection to do more. I don tfeel completely satisfied unless I fell I gave as much pleasure ass I recieved, and I felt cheated and rejected personally.
folks please send me some feedback.