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Baby Maker, by Rachael Ross

November 19, 2011
Posted at 6:59 pm

hmm sounds like an excellent concept! Having just read Sterling's review of this, it strikes me the pubescent boy protaganist - with a craving for seeding his female peers and a sorting the lust/love wiring in his brain - is pretty similar to my Jason Steed character, only Jason is 21! Would be interesting if Rachael ever finishes this, to see where it's going for his character development. Would be even more interesting (from my pov) if I ever finish Jason. I have half an idea where it's going with HIM.

ps - in Baby Maker, the first 'objective' appears to be a 13yo girl - um, where will this stand with the rules one wonders, if it is to be continued? I suppose she can be 14 in the story and we all mentally subtract a year, but then that leaves intact the act of 'thought-crime'.