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sci-fi complaint

November 19, 2011
Posted at 6:36 pm

A while back, as well all know, a lot of regular users were complaining about the proliferation of pedo stories on this site, which is fair enough, as it's essentially a minority genre and offensive to many. However, by the same token, I'd like to have a grumble about the proliferation nowadays of sci-fi, or more accurately, the semi-literate junk that masquerades under that label. Don't get me wrong, I think sci-fi and sci-fantasy are great genres in the right hands, but it seems to me that the same people who vote down any underage stories on principle are probably the same who automatically give 8s and above to sci-fi stories which have all the literary quality of year 6 (UK age 10-11) writing assignment. I recently read a review where it was said the story in question was 'commercially viable': oh please, do me a favour! Without naming names, the said story had the feel of being written by a cross between a fully-alzheimered Terry Pratchet and a pubescent boy sci-fi comic junkie. If this site must become primarily a club for this type of stuff, then at least rate these stories (and others) objectively please.