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November 2, 2011
Posted at 11:00 pm

I'm fairly exhausted, so I put my usual enthusiasm to bed early. Um...I posted "A Little Spell" to God of Porn. That pen name doesn't blog about stories, so I guess I have to. I forgot I wrote it until the other day. That happens. It originally showed up on various sites in 7 shorter chapters, it's going up here in 3 chapters. It's written 3rd person. I have three earrings in my left ear at the moment.

God of Porn will be getting a lot of stories, so if you didn't know that's my bottom drawer, now you do.

I posted "Trials of Wendy" under that name as well, about a week ago now. I've been busy. That's the story I screwed up originally when I tried to post it. Wendy is the companion piece to Black Sheep by rache, and a direct result of an incestuous liaison with Phil Phantom.

I got more than a couple emails concerned about "Censorship" on SOL and the new submission guidelines. This is important: SOL is not censoring stories. It is a privately owned website and like every other story site on the web, whether adult oriented or otherwise, SOL has a content policy. Having a policy, even changing it as the need arises, does not represent an attempt by anyone to censor authors.

I am not an apologist for Lazeez. I haven't been paid to make public service announcements on behalf of himself or SOL and I do not speculate on things I know nothing about - like decisions to change acceptable content. It is a non-issue simply because every site reserves the right to accept or reject a specific story for reasons which I may or may not understand or agree with. This isn't a democracy and it isn't censorship.


I'm going back to bed now.