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I Never Knew

October 19, 2011
Posted at 3:25 pm

I never knew this existed, so...I never used it. I'll try to keep blog entries brief.

I'm working on the conclusion of "Not Enough"...the chaptered story that wasn't meant to be. At this point I've written the next chapter (though not edited, I'll do that later tonight or tomorrow) and have outlined the last two chapters (which might turn into 3, depending). This won't be the end of "Reflections", however. I've got ideas for three more stories surrounding Marc. I'm just going to wait until they're fully written -- and complete -- before posting them.

In the meantime, I've also been working on a little mind-control (is that Science Fiction or Fantasy as well, since I don't believe mind-control really exists?) story that will start a new universe called (tentatively) "Rings". This first story (which, I should add, is nearly complete, though desperately needs to be edited) will be slightly lacking in terms of a "quest" per se though there is conflict woven through the story. The next sequence/book/s/etc. will actually pull all of that together -- and have a quest while keeping the character true to what he's doing in the first sequence/book/s/etc.

"Rings" has actually been festering for nearly 2 years now; I started writing it, stopped, came back to it, stopped, etc. during that time. It's one of the few "unfinished" stories I've been able to come back to and still understand the motivations and points-of-view of the characters.

Anyway, that's my update for now. I need to get back to writing...