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I guess I ought to make it official: it's time to move on

October 9, 2011
Posted at 2:40 pm

Thank you Lazeez for making this possible. Thank you Rache for helping me kick start the mythology. Thank you all my online friends for all your feedback, your friendship, your sexy photos (both men and women) and oh, so many orgasms. Thank you for all the cyber sex. "Would you like to see my new panties daddy?" Ha, ha, ha. And a very special thank you to David, better known as White Panties. My original SOL friend and writing mentor. But thank you most of all for all the insight the SOL community has provided me in one form or another in helping me grow and make such positive changes in my life.

Because of SOL, I've cut way back on my drinking, I no longer drink and drive, I started seeing a shrink to help me with the intimacy issues caused by the incest, I've had intercourse with boys my own age, I've stopped the high risk pick-up behavior, I've, discovered the fun (and frustration) of writing, I became open to a fun new hobby, that of Party Dom (taste my whip, sweetie) and I no longer chase underage girls. (I hope you are well, Ariel.)

As to my writing, I think I did OK for someone who never wrote before. My scores were respectable and all along I admitted that technically, I was weak. But a lot of people around the world enjoyed my stuff and were masturbating to my material (visceral, Lauren called it), both autobio and fantasy, which is really cool if you think about it.

I enjoyed the celebrity. "Chandra of Miami", SOL Princess and her drunken blogs. LOL. I know. I know. I must have deleted a dozen of them the morning after, that you never saw. Whew. He, he. It was so much fun.

I confess that some of the anonymous hate mail was hurtful but I guess I brought that on myself. Easy to cure, though...just turn off 'Anonymous feedback'.

I start my MBA in the spring, I'm skydiving, playing tennis and golf and I have an incredible job waiting for me in venture capital as soon as I graduate. I feel that I've been blessed.

I'll keep my SOL email going, so if anyone wants to drop by and say hello, they'll know where to find me. Take care.

Love and sex,

A final thought: What is reality? The orgasms are real, the feelings are real, the friendships are real. We live in a new world, with new rules. We make our online realities as we go along. We've always existed in one another's minds, in our guts and in our right hands. What else do we need?