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Bush Fires

September 26, 2011
Posted at 11:10 pm

I kind of forgot about this story until just yesterday when it popped into my mind. I've been meaning to do a bit of editing on it for about two years and I finally bit the bullet. I'm reposting it and this is more advertising than anything else.

Read it :) cause you might like it,

Other than that, um...I am sort of writing again, but not really. I'm fragile. I'm still getting a number of requests every week for a continuation of "Babymaker" ...If you're interested in that story, you should read SOL's posting guidelines. I'm not exactly sure how the new policy changes will affect stories in progress, or completed stories which I may wish to continue. I'm looking forward to some additional information on the subject whenever the site owners get a chance to elaborate.

We'll see what happens.