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OK folks here's the deal

September 19, 2011
Posted at 1:42 am

I can not afford to pay an editor or proofreader, so I must rely on those folks that are willing to do gthe job for free. While most of you have been very nice about your feedback, there are still a few nasty folks (read assholes) who believe that it is their job to nitpick, or rip apart everything that they see. To those people, If you don't have anything constructive to say (or write) then kindly keep your fucking opinions to yourself. I post these stories for myself and the enterainment of those seem to enjoy them. I do not post them so that jerks have some thing to rip apart. If someone wants to volunteer as a proofreader/editor then please send me some mail. In other news: I am trying to post more often and am writting more often (even when I have to force myself to spend at least an hoour a day at the computer)> If I get a some help, you could look for a new chapter next week for "Exist" and the week after "Dark/Light".

Those of you who are sending good feedback and constructive critism, please continue to do so.

Greyloc Stormshadow